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Chelsea Boss Antonio Conte Calls Himself a Hero

Antonio Conte

Ahead of their FA Cup final against Manchester United on Saturday, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte said that he considers himself a ‘hero’ for working with Chelsea. He said that he has worked harder at Chelsea this season to overcome the ‘negative situation’ that the club encountered earlier.

Even though the club is in the FA cup finals, they know that even a dominant or convincing victory against their rivals will not be able to save them from a disappointing Premier League campaign that landed them at the fifth place. This means that there will be no Champions League games for the club at Stamford next season. Quite obviously, the club doesn’t find itself in a good footing at this moment.

Conte’s tensions with the club have now become public. An issue with the club hierarchy and its transfer policy has been a matter of debate between the two. On top of that, the results of the club in this season and their disastrous gameplay have been a talk of the town as well.

Conte is expected to leave Chelsea over his disagreements. The Italian said that he as well as his players have a clean conscience because they put in a lot of effort and commitment on the field. He also said that the team put in their best even though the circumstances became increasingly difficult for them to operate.

He insisted, “My commitment has always been the same. Maybe this season we worked harder than last season. I don’t know if something has changed… last season we were heroes for Chelsea’s fans. Now our stance, me, and the players, has changed. I don’t know [what went wrong]. But in my soul and my heart, I’m always a hero because I gave 120 percent, also this season to solve the problems.”

He also said, “In every season you must divide the responsibility, positive or negative, with three parts: club, manager and players. Last season we were heroes. This season we are… I don’t know what we are to people, but I don’t care. It doesn’t matter.”

He made it clear that he has done a better job than his debut campaign when the team lifted the Premier League title. When asked why he thinks so, he commented, “Usually, when you have a lot of positive situations, it’s simpler. When you have a negative situation, then you must be prepared to work very hard, to work and improve every aspect. I think in this season, I did this together with my staff.”

He said that the club worked ‘a miracle’ when they won the Premier League, but he said that he has never been given the resources he wanted in the transfer market which could help him build on that successful campaign. He said that the winning team should always know that where they have to improve so they can continue their winning campaign. He said that the team is moving into another final and the responsibility of the win or loss should be equally divided among the managers, players as well as team management.

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