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Arsenal’s Wilshere Re-thinking after Arsene’s exit


It will be a tough decision for Jack Wilshere, as he rethinks renewing his contract with Arsenal, after having spent playing for it since the age of 9.  Much of his indecision comes from the exit of the chief coach at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, at the end of the season. Wilshere was quoted saying, “I am concentrating on games and obviously the boss left, so it has been a bad couple of months, to be honest.”

Additionally, some of the provisions of the new agreement offered by the club continue to be bone of contention for him.

Wilshere and other regular players were rested for the key match between Arsenal and Manchester United.

There is speculation that he will be in the line-up in the semi-final match against Atletico Madrid on Thursday for the Europa League.

Wilshere busy with Arsenal in Europa semi-finals

“We have been playing every three or four days for the last three or four months, so it has been difficult,” Wilshere explained. Due to the hectic pace at which players were scheduled for the Europa League, Wilshere says he has not thought much about the new agreement offered by Arsenal. Additionally, he felt he has not been able to think deeply about moving away from the club either.

He said, “To be honest with you, I haven’t really thought about [moving somewhere else]. I have said before that this is where I want to be and I have not really had much time to think about moving clubs.”

New Deal

According to The Guardian news report, Arsenal offered the midfielder, a mere 80,000 pounds per week as part of the deal. In fact, they expect the offer of new contract to be rejected and that Wilshere will leave with a free transfer at the end of the season. Wenger had been critical of Arsenal’s poor offer to Wilshere.

However, the midfielder has been troubled by fitness issues.  Assistant manager, Steve Bould, states that “Jack can pick up an injury because his ankle will turn. He’s got a sore knee. I think perhaps he will always have a little niggle here and there because of the way he is structured. But he’s a great player. A fit Jack Wilshere is a very good player.”

Does Arsenal want Wilshere?

The question before Wilshere is, therefore, multi-layered.  He had to work very hard with his fitness to get back into the ‘first team choice’ made by Wenger back in December. In fact, he was given a choice to move around and see if any other team is interested in him. But no offers came his way, prompting him to rework on his fitness. According to managers, the issue for Jack has been his fitness, and his body structure has not been of much help in overcoming chronic knee and ankle issues. The find for a new club to move to, or to continue at the club he has been playing since nine, is a critical question for Wilshere. However, his solution is dependent on how much Arsenal is willing to pay him to ensure he remains with them.

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